Early Succession War


Minoru Kurita of the Draconis Combine declares himself the new First Lord of the Star League, sparking the First Succession War and drawing all of the Great Houses into conflict. Massive loss of life and technology ensues, due to the liberal use of weapons of mass destruction by all powers. Though the war ends with an uneasy truce, a Second Succession War begins less than a decade later and leads to even more destruction.

Inner Sphere

Capellan Confederation


Draconis Combine

Federated Suns

Free Worlds League

Inner Sphere General

Lyran Commonwealth

IS Clan

Clan Ghost Bear

Clan Hell's Horses

Clan Jade Falcon

Clan Nova Cat

Clan Sea Fox

Clan Smoke Jaguar

Clan Snow Raven

Clan Wolf

HW Clan

Clan Blood Spirit

Clan Burrock

Clan Cloud Cobra

Clan Coyote

Clan Fire Mandrill

Clan Goliath Scorpion

Clan Ice Hellion

Clan Mongoose

Clan Star Adder

Clan Steel Viper

Clan Widowmaker

Clan Wolverine

HW Clan General

Star League in Exile


Circinus Federation

Magistracy of Canopus

Outworlds Alliance

Periphery General


Taurian Concordat






No Significant Distribution