Early Republic


Stone’s Republic leads the way into peace and prosperity in the aftermath of the Jihad. Conflicts still occur, but they are small in scale and the massive wars of the past are not seen.

Inner Sphere

Capellan Confederation

Draconis Combine

Federated Suns

Free Worlds League (Duchy of Andurien)

Free Worlds League (Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey)

Free Worlds League (Marik-Stewart Commonwealth)

Free Worlds League (Non-Aligned Worlds)

Free Worlds League (Oriente Protectorate)

Free Worlds League (Regulan Fiefs)

Free Worlds League (Rim Commonality)

Inner Sphere General

Lyran Commonwealth

Republic of the Sphere

IS Clan

Clan Diamond Shark

Clan Hell's Horses

Clan Jade Falcon

Clan Nova Cat

Clan Wolf

Clan Wolf (in Exile)

IS Clan General

Rasalhague Dominion

Raven Alliance


Calderon Protectorate

Escorpión Imperio

Filtvelt Coalition

Fronc Reaches

Magistracy of Canopus

Marian Hegemony

Outworlds Alliance

Periphery General


Taurian Concordat


Kell Hounds


Wolf's Dragoons



Solaris 7


No Significant Distribution