Image Issues

Thursday, October 7, 2021

It appears our image host is having difficulties and none of the unit, era, or faction images are working properly. We have to wait for them to sort it out.

The issue resolved itself quickly

Combat Manual Custom Units

Friday, August 27, 2021

Custom units found in CM: Mercs and CM: Kurita have at long last been added

Shrapnel #5

Friday, June 25, 2021

Units associated with Shrapnel #5 are now on the MUL.

This issue of Shrapnel is also the first source to feature a unit first produced in the ilClan era. We've made the era live as a result, but will not be populating it with pre-ilClan units until more information regarding the era becomes available.

Recognition Guide: ilClan Vol. 18

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Wave 3 concludes with the induction of volume 18 into the MUL

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Welcome to the BattleTech Master Unit List. Since even before  Total Warfare was first published, it has been our goal to provide BattleTech fans with a comprehensive list of game units and their corresponding Battle Value.

This product is the first Battle Value list for units using the Total Warfare and BattleMech Manual rules set. It offers over 7,000 variants for well over 900 individual combat vehicles.

We have also provided faction availability for most eras ranging from the foundation of the Star League up until the end of the Dark Age.

Regular updates to the Master Unit List will provide new units and information from upcoming product releases. Also planned for the future are the completion of Early Succession War faction availability and a corresponding expansion of early Homeworld Clan faction lists. This release covers known information meant to compliment published products; as such, it will not cover the Homeworld Clans after 3085, nor any remnants of otherwise "off-screen" factions such as Word of Blake or Wolverine survivors.

—The Master Unit List team

Heavy Wheeled APC (WoB)
Raptor II RPT-5X
Schwerer Gustav (Standard)