Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents


Chandrasekhar Kurita has spent his life hunting for ancient secrets. Almost as soon as the Word of Blake formed in 3052, "Uncle Chandy" put his vast network of spies and his massive wealth toward digging behind their facade and now, two decades later, Uncle Chandy has discovered more than he ever thought possible. Now he's using that knowledge to send a coalition of forces against one of the Blakists' hidden five worlds: the Ruins of Gabriel. More importantly, he's found a connection to the single greatest mystery in the last half-millennia. Aware he's almost guaranteed his death at the hands of a Blakist fanatic, Uncle Chandy knows the time has come to stand in the light and reveal the secrets that will change the tide of the Jihad!

Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents contains a wealth of information on the current universe-shaking Jihad storyline, providing more "hard facts" than any book to date. Detailed information on the opening years of the Jihad, including maps of the most significant conflicts; a current 3075 "Around the Sphere" in the same vein as the Jihad Hot Spots series provides up-to-date information on the latest happenings; biographies of more than twenty individuals important to the Jihad; a complete description of all Word of Blake forces, including unit logos; and the hidden history of Clan Wolverine and the Minnesota Tribe revealed! A complete rules section rounds the book out, with game play rules for taking any Word of Blake division into the field, construction rules for primitive units, and new 'Mechs, including Clan Wolverine's Mercury II, Pulverizer, and Stag, the primitive Dervish and the mysterious Raptor II.

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Mercury II MCY-100 40 1,376 38 Striker JSBD JSBD Standard 2823
Stag II ST-24G 45 1,625 43 Striker JSBD JSBD Experimental 2823
Stag ST-14G 45 1,351 43 Striker JSBD JSBD Standard 2823
Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Danais 3,200 1,004 None JSBD JSBD Standard 2728
Trojan (Blockade Runner) 3,200 None JSBD None Unknown 2745