1st Somerset Strikers

Go To Units They came from beyond the Periphery, attacking dozens of planets in a massive blitzkrieg more devastating than any in the history of warfare. World after world fell before their technologically superior BattleMechs and armored infantry. Nothing in the Inner Sphere seemed able to sop them.

Major Adam Steiner: his unique brand of battlefield tactics earned him a transfer to the prestigious Nagelring War College on Tharkad. No sooner had he left his home world of Somerset than Clan Jade Falcon attacked, easily conquering the planet and capturing his brother, Andrew. Now Adam must forge a ragtag bunch of cadets and misfits into a team in order to retake his home and rescue his brother.

1st Somerset Strikers is the official guide to the BattleTech Animated Series. This sourcebook describes and illustrates in full color every character, BattleMech, and vehicle from the show. Detailed accounts of each of the original fourteen episodes include a complete plot synopsis and special background information, and designer notes offer FASA's perspective on the production of the BattleTech animated series. A section of BattleTech rules for the equipment and characters in the show, and scenarios based on the episodes make this book a valuable resource for fans of the game as well as the animated series.

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Packrat LRPV PKR-T5 (Mobile TacOps) 20 None 1SS None Unknown 3041