Shrapnel #2


Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine returns with more explosive BattleMech action from the 31st century! Experience tales of hard-won survival from the gaming world of Solaris VII, the wilds of the Deep Periphery, and the annals of Clan history. Dive deep into in-depth technology articles, technical readouts, conspiracy theories, war-game and role-playing adventures, and more—all from veteran BattleTech authors, fan favorites, and our latest enlistees:

Michael A. Stackpole • Jason Schmetzer Michael J. Ciaravella • Travis Heermann Alan Brundage • James Simakas John-David Karnitz • Aaron Cahall Matthew Cross • Daniel Isberner Alex Kaempen • Tom Stanley • Chris Wheeler

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Centurion CN10-B 55 1,243 30 Brawler Shrap02 ShrapRS Standard 3057
Centurion CN10-J 55 1,257 28 Brawler Shrap02 ShrapRS Standard 3057
Centurion CN10-W 55 1,112 29 Sniper Shrap02 ShrapRS Standard 3057
Gyrfalcon 5 55 2,151 42 Skirmisher Shrap02 ShrapRS Advanced 3133