Battle of Tukayyid: Supplemental

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The Battle of Tukayyid campaign book brings the pivotal conflict of the Clan Invasion to life in stunning grandeur. But the Tukayyid experience is too exciting to be contained in a single volume, and this Supplemental expands upon the options within that book.

Two sections dig further into BattleTech lore, allowing players to use the full range of mapsheets and record sheets published to date, while a Battlefield Support: Combined Arms Worksheet makes those rules easier to use.

Additionally, over two hundred record sheets cover every ’Mech included in the Battle of Tukayyid campaign book. Finally, a Strategic BattleForce expansion includes the rules, maps, and Formation Record Sheets to use the rules in Interstellar Operations to play out the Battle of Tukayyid with large-scale games.

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Atlas C 100 2,340 53 Juggernaut BoT BOTS Experimental 3050