Combat Manual: Kurita

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Some soldiers fight for money, some to spread their version of liberty, still others for a sense of adventure. For the men and women of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery there is only one reason for service: the honor of the Dragon. From the moment Shiro Kurita raised the Dragon's banner, the soldiers of House Kurita have remained dedicated to the warrior's path above all others. For seven centuries they have spread fear and respect in equal measure, expanding and protecting the Dragon with loyalty and honor tempered by the ancient code of bushido and forged in battles on a hundred worlds.

BattleTech Combat Manual: Kurita contains information on these warriors. This manual examines the combat commands of the Draconis Combine, detailing their histories, tactics, unit crests, paint schemes, and notable personnel. This Alpha Strike expansion includes special rules for unique character abilities, faction-specific rules, force-building, and a mini-Technical Readout--everything you need to field your favorite Draconis Combine unit on the tabletop, or create your own.

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Name Tons BV PV Role TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Jenner JR7-D (Webster) 35 30 Striker CM:Kurita None Standard Unknown
Panther PNT-CM 35 22 Sniper CM:Kurita None Standard 3051
Griffin GRF-1DS (Almstedt) 55 29 Skirmisher CM:Kurita None Standard Unknown
Kintaro KTO-19 (Omar) 55 37 Skirmisher CM:Kurita None Standard 3040
Ostsol OTL-4D (Ragnar) 60 34 Skirmisher CM:Kurita None Introductory 3051
Ostsol OTL-4D (Woo) 60 35 Skirmisher CM:Kurita None Standard Unknown
Ostsol OTL-5M (Maki) 60 40 Skirmisher CM:Kurita None Standard 3051
Catapult CPLT-K2 (Kasigi) 65 33 Sniper CM:Kurita None Standard 3050
Guillotine GLT-3N (Estriđsen) 70 39 Skirmisher CM:Kurita None Standard 3049
Hatamoto-Chi HTM-27T (Lowenbrau) 80 48 Brawler CM:Kurita None Standard 3051
Atlas AS7-S (Hanssen) 100 53 Sniper CM:Kurita None Standard 3051