Shrapnel #16 Commandos and Jackalopes for Everyone!

Monday, March 25, 2024

The plethora of Commandos and Jackalopes are now put in their proper places.

(Basic) and (Advanced) Clan Infantry

Friday, February 2, 2024

It was brought to our attention late last year that the BV for the clan infantry points featured in Total Warfare should generally not have values higher than their Inner Sphere equivalents. The extant conventional infantry were assumed to be wearing the standard Clan Armor Kit as found in Tactical Operations: Advanced Units and Equipment. This gear is considered advanced rules and not usable in Standard Rules play. To account for this, there are now two versions of conventional Clan infantry points.

(Basic) represent the units featured in Total Warfare without advanced armor. They are functionally equivalent to their IS counterparts, but with clan organization. 

(Advanced) are equipped identically except that they wear the Clan Armor Kit with a damage divisor of 2. The relevant rules and costs are found in Tactical Operations: Advanced Units and Equipment.

RecGuide v33

Thursday, January 4, 2024

The true end of the RecGuides is upon us and its units are now live.

Shrapnel #15

Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Gladiators and Maulers from Shrapnel #15 are now live.

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Welcome to the BattleTech Master Unit List. Since even before  Total Warfare was first published, it has been our goal to provide BattleTech fans with a comprehensive list of game units and their corresponding Battle Value.

This product is the first Battle Value list for units using the Total Warfare and BattleMech Manual rules set. It offers over 9,000 variants for well over 900 individual combat vehicles.

We have also provided faction availability for most eras ranging from the foundation of the Star League up until the end of the Dark Age.

Regular updates to the Master Unit List will provide new units and information from upcoming product releases. 

This release covers known information meant to compliment published products; as such, it will not cover the Homeworld Clans after 3081, nor any remnants of otherwise "off-screen" factions such as potential Word of Blake or Wolverine survivors. 

ilClan-era availability is currently in a beta phase, and is not finalized. This will be a significant undertaking with several layers of review, and items may be added or removed on a case-by-case basis at our discretion as new material is released. An announcement will be made once the era reaches a more stable state.

—The Master Unit List team

Grenadier Battle Armor [SRM/SL] (Sqd6)
Cauldron-Born (Ebon Jaguar) (Samantha)
Vector Combat Support VTOL