Recognition Guide: ilClan Vol. 1

Go To Units The march of technology across BattleTech’s eras is relentless—but some BattleMech designs never die. Each installment of this PDF-only series not only includes a brand new BattleMech or OmniMech, but also details Classic ‘Mech designs from both the Inner Sphere and the Clans, now fully rebuilt with Dark Age technology (3085 and beyond). Allowing beloved units redesigned for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion Kickstarter to be competitive on “modern” battlefields, this series also includes in-universe development notes, battle histories, notable pilots, and record sheets for each ‘Mech. Released as a series of 22 PDF-only documents through the end of 2020 and early 2021, many ’Mechs featured in this series will be collected as a single print volume upon its completion.

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Name Tons BV PV TRO/RS Rules Era Intro
Commando COM-9S 25 719 RG1 RG1 Standard 3146
Pack Hunter 5 30 1,644 RG1 RG1 Standard 3145
Griffin C 55 2,131 RG1 RG1 Standard 3144
Griffin GRF-1DS 55 1,285 RG1 RG1 Standard 3049
Griffin GRF-2N 55 1,606 RG1 RG1 Standard 2751
Griffin GRF-3M 55 1,521 RG1 RG1 Standard 3049
Griffin GRF-3N 55 1,560 RG1 RG1 Standard 3093
Dominator (Standard) 65 3,018 RG1 RG1 Standard 3148
Dominator 2 65 2,906 RG1 RG1 Standard 3149
Loki (Hellbringer) F 65 1,839 RG1 RG1 Standard 3054
Loki (Hellbringer) G 65 1,943 RG1 RG1 Standard 3112
Loki (Hellbringer) J 65 2,415 RG1 RG1 Standard 3058
Loki (Hellbringer) T 65 2,444 RG1 RG1 Standard 3142
Grasshopper GHR-8K 70 1,754 RG1 RG1 Standard 3091
Goliath C 80 2,227 RG1 RG1 Advanced 3143